Ink Slingers Pt 2


This is the second story from our anthology of Quest stories written by students at Chatham Grammar School for Girls.

Cats Vs Dogs!

By Victoria


“I WANT THAT ONE!” A girl screamed across the pet shop.
“No honey, I don’t think we can afford a lion, or do you mean the picture?” Her motherreplied to her ear piercing screech.
“hmph….” She answered back. Her mum stepped back and watched some goldfish swimming in their round small fish tank.
“I WANT THIS RABBIT!” Another extremely loud scream crossed the store. Many peoplelooked back at the girl in confusion and anger.
“Elizabeth, sweetie… That’s a dog” Elizabeth’s mum told her with an awkward laugh.
“THEN I WANT THIS BOG THING!” She’d shout once more.
“As long as it’s not a lion or a big animal then fine, and it’s a dog not a bog” Her mum agreedto her. They went to the cashier and asked for that young puppy Elizabeth asked for. After purchasing they headed home.

After arriving at their house which Elizabeth called ‘mansion’ she’d just rush to her room andforget about the poor newborn left downstairs by the doorstep. She really only cared abouther phone and her ‘fake’ boyfriend. This happened every day, the puppy got ignored everyday and left in a pool of sadness and loneliness. And that’s how my story started…..

I was treated very badly every day, I even got punished for ‘sitting’, and all I hear is: “BELLA! BELLA! BELLA HOW DARE YOU!”
Life was just hard for me, it got worse and worse ‘til I gave up and wanted to escape… It wasone sunny day when they let me out into the back garden because they were fed up with me when I knew this was my chance. I hoped over the small fence and ran for my life, hoping they would forget about me and not bother checking where I am. I was still close to myhouse but I was still small then, I couldn’t run fast with my little legs! After running for quite a while, I crashed into some bushes. I was really tired, I couldn’t be bothered to get up so I justdecided to have a little ‘snooze’.

*car door opens*
“Hey Jack, I saw something at the front of the bushes, can you go check please?” Anunfamiliar voice was heard across the small field – front garden.
“Sure….” A slightly deeper voice replied. There was some satisfying crunches in the grassthat I heard getting closer to me every second… I couldn’t be bothered to move so I just laidthere hoping to not be noticed in the bush. The crunches got closer and closer making me feel more nervous every time I heard it once more. My heart was pounding but then…. I felt something warm…. Something took grip of me and picked me up.
“Hello little fellow….” A deep voice whispered into my ear. I felt a little pain on my stomach and couldn’t hold it in so I let out a slight whimper.
“Don’t worry…. It’s ok… I won’t hurt you little one…” He softly spoke to my ear again… I calmed down but still didn’t know what was going on and where was I? I wasn’t used tosome stranger talking to me in such a soft way, normally I only heard shouting and screaming.
He took me inside and wrapped me into a fluffy warm blanket then took me into some placealso known as ‘kitchen’ I didn’t know what that meant but it really did smell good in there. It smelt something like tuna, I loved it…


“Hey mum! I found a puppy by the bushes.” He said to a strange woman who was holding something very special….tuna~~.
“A puppy? OH MY GOSH!” There was fear on her face, but that didn’t matter to me….I only wanted the tuna. She came up to me and picked me up from his hands…. It felt different, Ididn’t like it, just felt cold in her hands…. She should really wear some hoodies to warm herhands next time when she picks me up!

“Are you okay little one?” She spoke to me in another soft and calming voice, I didn’t understand… why is everyone calling me ‘little one’ I am clearly a big wolf about to eat them! That’s if I had the energy to reach that tuna…
She took me up these weird brick things that curved round up to another floor thing, it looked like there was another WORLD! I knew some rooms, so I realized that she took me to the free drink room (Bathroom- yes I did realise that’s how it is called after some years’ time, but let’s continue the story!) there was a massive drink machine that she put me into. I didn’texpect myself to actually be in one as I didn’t like having water all over my beautiful silky fur!She turned on the water, again it was warm, and luckily it was better than her hands!Personally I didn’t like what she was doing to me… she was scratching me with a weird pinkspongy floof bad and some flower smelling soap. I was trying to jump out of that sink and getaway from there forever but she was STILL grabbing me and putting me back in, I didn’teven smell bad in the first place, I smelt like some dirt and I was proud! I stood there not even bothering to get out anymore because I knew she would drag me back into the sink ofdeath, but one thing caught my eye…… he was just standing there, LAUGHING AT ME!

Sometime after, they finished torturing me…. He took me back into his arms and took me to a blue room. I laid down onto a black blanket and slept hoping to not be interrupted but then,I felt another touch on my back. It felt nice, I didn’t feel this in ages after I left the pet shop.He itched my back really conformably. I turned over into my casual pose that I use when I want someone to itch me and I was on my back.