Canterbury Tales – Part 2

More fantastic stories from the QUEST project at Canterbury Academy


By Stacy


One time there was two normal girls called Lilly and Dairy till something’s happed last night, they heard something when they went to bed on a Friday and then there was a light it blinded the girls eyes the light was there of 2 second (I THINK) Then the light went off and suddenly there was a shell it was glowing in their eye and they start rubbing and their feet start to lift up then it gone bang it was something’s at the end of the twins bed’s the went to the end of it then it was a shell “what how did that” said Lilly “ I DON’N KNOW ?” replied Dairy!  They pot it to their era then it made them go back in time “I think we went back in time in 2007 when we was born” said Lilly” “OMG” replied Dairy they wanting to see what happened then. Something happened “what that” both of them said a people got the girl’s and took them and went off with them “what just happened” we got kind nap they look for their rill mum then they fund her something happened thy what to their mum then they stand with her for ever the end 


Project Story

By Fenn


My character found a mysterious dice while he was in the mines when he was mining away then when he was mining away at a rock he saw something wedged in the rock so he got it out and brings it home he did some research on it and he found out it was the dragon lord dice and it was a fifty-fifty so if you threw an even number something good will happen but you threw an odd number a bad thing would happen so the heroic hero from stoke threw it and it started to spin and then when it landed it landed on a two then suddenly six gigantic portals appeared and started pouring money everywhere on top of the hero from stokes house after that the hero thought he was lucky and threw it again and it landed instantly on a nine and then he landed hard on a cold stone ground in a room where there was only one faded light and then a booming voice said if you defeat this monster you will be set free and then a massive garage door opened revealing a massive three headed beast charging towards him but then using the hero’s speed he dodged the beast and saw a shiny silver sword and he ran towards it and as he picked it up and then the beast charged towards him the hero was about to get charged by the mysterious beast but then out of nowhere a random person came through a portal hole with a gun and he shot the beast and then a loud speaker said you have completed this task and then he just appeared in his house and he decided to never touch the dice again



By Noah

Once upon a time there was 2 people and they are the most best superhero in the whole world. They have a special weapon that they can use to protect themselves or kill. The weapon can wrap round really tall buildings and they fall over on to monsters if they are fighting against them. They have got really good imaginary things they can do. But then he got a call from his partner saying there’s an enemy nearby. He quickly came over there were loads of people dead on the ground. They were fighting and fighting till a gypsy swing round the face he was dead.




  The hellbringer takes over

By Jake


Once upon a time there was a villain named hellbringer and he wanted to take over the city and make everyone his slaves. One day he successfully did and anyone who tried to leave he would cut of their fingers and toes and leaves them to bleed out. He killed 15 people and the rest accepted to stay and work as his slaves. One of the slaves sneakily got away and went to a group of superhero’s called the heaven bringers and the second they heard about it they flew right there to try and stop him and let the city people go back to there normal lives. They got there and the hell bringer saw them and trying to spawn the devil but he couldn’t because he was really tired from building big walls around the city so they took him down with his own weapon his super tape that sucks powers in and gets rid of them and they used it on the villain and took his powers away because they found his abandoned factory full of it they knock down all they walls and let the city people go and live freely again and they throw the villain in a black hole that send them to a hanging cage in a maximum security prison.


The end

The saver day poppy

By Charlie


In Egypt in this time from the room you can see pyramids and it’s not that safe there they had a huge bomb in Cairo near Poppy’s hotel in titanic beach poppy nearly fell out a rubber ring on the beach across the beach I see a huge crowed in a huddle poppy thinks they are facing to battle and it is a really stormy day down at the beach. They was wearing really thick armour on and really sharp poles. And it’s a very cloudy day. Their face expressions seem really angry. They have torches still alight. All the boys were going to battle against the girls