December 2022: Announcements

QACO News Has a New Home

Welcome to the new home for Quality Assurance and Compliance updates and news! Now that the new academic year is in full swing, we’re delighted to launch a new part of our website, bringing you the latest QACO news and updates.

From now on, our newsletter updates will appear here as blog posts and announcements. You can also find our Code of Practice and Regulatory updates on this site. We’re looking forward to being able to communicate with our QA community more regularly and provide you with the most up-to-date information as it occurs.

If you are already subscribed to our QACO News mailing list, then you will still receive a regular summary e-mail highlighting QACO updates and changes to our Regulatory Framework. The new site will also make it easier to locate previous updates should you be after any specific information. Previous editions of our QACO newsletter are still available for download here:  Quality Assurance News – Regulatory Framework – University of Kent

QAA Membership

We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you, as QA professionals, to register for QAA membership. The resources are extremely useful and include a schedule of training events, toolkits and guidance. QAA topics and themes are listed here:

Please encourage your colleagues and students to register and benefit from the resources that are relevant to them. You can sign up for a QAA membership using your institutional email address at the link below:

If you believe you have received this message in error or know of anyone else who would benefit from being added to the QACO mailing list, feel free to contact us at