1. Our team of forensic psychologists – many of whom are chartered – is growing, not diminishing, in the current economic climate
This means you have a large team of leading forensic psychologists to supervise your work and support you in new challenges.

2. Our module on the assessment and treatment of offenders is taught by practitioners who work with offenders every day
We ensure our students learn from those who know the job best. Consequently, you will be taught the basic skills to assess and treat offenders by practitioners from Broadmoor Hospital, the Trevor Gibbens Unit, and Prisons who, on a daily basis, treat and assess individuals who have offended.

3. We provide visits to secure forensic establishments
We like to broaden our students’ experiences and ensure they have the right contacts to become chartered or conduct research within secure establishments. Each year, we visit stimulating and challenging secure establishments in small groups where students can learn about the forensic establishment and talk with staff who are chartered.

4. Ours is the only programme that focusses an entire module on offender cognition
Our programme is unique since we devote an entire module to understanding how offence-supportive thinking can increase the chances of rape, child molestation, violence, and sexual murder. We also examine how such thinking is tackled in therapy with offenders using real examples.

5. We prepare you for your future
Here at Kent we believe that asking MSc students in Forensic Psychology to write extended essays is not adequate preparation for life as a forensic psychologist or psychology researcher. Therefore, our assessments are designed to teach you real-world skills such as: journal writing, risk assessment reports, court report writing, and research proposals. With the support of Forensic Psychology staff, we teach you these skills so that you are highly competitive when you graduate from our course. So, whether you decide to go on to become a chartered forensic psychologist, a PhD candidate, or a researcher, you will be fully prepared.