Graduation: Celebrating the Class of 2023

Thursday 20th July the Class of 2023 graduated in the historic Canterbury Cathedral. Before this formal ceremony we were able to meet and celebrate your achievements with you and your families and an informal reception at Westage Hall.

Professor Robbie Sutton congratulated our 2023 graduates with a heart-warming speech. “I’ve always thought that you’re a really active and curious and engaged group of students.” Robbie opened.

The curiosity, the drive, the ambition, is really a privilege to see, and to facilitate, and work with.

He continued: “so it’s just so special to be here seeing that this is not the end of your journeys actually, but it definitely marks a massive achievement.”

Robbie then went on to present this year’s prizes:

British Psychological Society Undergraduate Prize, A prize awarded to the student with the highest overall grade upon graduation – Ed Baker

Janet Miele Prize, Endowed by Dr Janet Miele, this annual prize is awarded for the best final year project in Psychology – Ed Baker

Final Year Prize, A prize awarded to the best final year student – Emily Willis

Stephenson-Clark Prize, Awarded to the student with the highest overall result for the BSC Psychology with Forensic Psychology programme – Mollie Ruler

Best applied prize, Awarded to the student with the best Stage S marks – Michael Buckley

Student Experience Prize, Outstanding contribution to Student Experience activities in the School – Maya Khitrova


Psychology Stage 2 Prizes were also announced:

School of Psychology Stage 2 General Prize awarded to the student with the highest overall marks in the Stage 2 –  Alexandra Dinu

School of Psychology Statistics and Methodology Prize, awarded to the student with the highest combined mark for SP300 and SP500 – Ollie Rutt

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