All Wrapped Up!


Thank you to all for keeping up to date with us over this past year. Here’s a look back in stats.

As a treat we’ve compiled the best statistics across our School, as well as our best blogs and stories of 2022.

And before you ask, no, we haven’t just ripped-off a popular music streaming service‘s campaign.. (not completely anyway).

Psych-Wrapped 2022!

We held 4 graduations this year, celebrating the Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Our most-watched Insta Reel had 14.4K views and our most-liked Insta Reel had 442 likes.

We wrote 97 blogs this year and 8 were about conspiracy theories! But with one blog it was love at first read.. our Most Read Blog Award goes to Outsourcing Moral Decisions to AI.

In 2022 we explored many categories, but here were our top 5:


Our year can’t be contained in a playlist (of blogs), but we tried anyway.

  • In January we went Psycho Schizo Espresso with Iron Maiden.
  • We forgot what happened in February
  • In March we launched the CAP Degree Apprenticeship
  • April was cause for celebration with groundbreaking Parkinson’s research
  • We embraced cringe in May
  • In June we celebrated Pride and reconnected with the community
  • Alumna Rianna Patterson received the 2022 Diana Award in July
  • In August Sam Hales published an important new book chapter
  • In September we fought incel radicalisation and extremism with memes
  • October was all about us after our narcissism podcast
  • We let machines call the shots in November
  • And what do we do in December when all our deadlines are approaching?!

TV shows we’ve loved

Have you seen Sex Education?

Kirsty Gravestock represented the School at Pride Canterbury in June, talking about parasocial contact with LGBTQ+ characters in the TV show.

And you MUST have seen Heartstopper?!

Dr Lindsey Cameron and Kirsty Gravestock described it as nothing short of radical and just what the world needs. Here’s our Love Letter to Heartstopper.

Best brain tips

  • Exercise, socialise, and antioxidise – just a few we took from Brain Awareness Week in March.
  • Be mindful and hold a raisin! You heard us – try it out.
  • Supporting your staff’s brains: create open and safe communication forums, be open to flexible working, trust your staff.

A look ahead

Apply for a research scholarship before 20th January 2023! Submit your application here.