October News RoundUp

OCT round-ups (3)

October has been a very political month, hasn’t it?! The Political Psychology Lab have been busy: we discovered how conspiracy theories can help politicians’ reputations and teamed up with the School of Politics and IR for a new research project. To balance all the current affairs chaos we also share some mindfulness methods, for you to do at home, and also to share with your boss!

This too shall pass

  • October 10th was Mental Health Day, and after the extraordinary upheaval our working lives and structures have seen during the pandemic, we focused on wellbeing in the workplace. Read our top tips for employers here.
  • Campus was buzzing at our Open Days, so we wanted to help you slow things down. Read more about the mindful Raisin Experiment and catch-up with our Open Days.

Mind games with voters

  • New research from led by PhD candidate Ricky Green revealed that while sharing conspiracy theories in the context of politics can harm a person’s reputation, it can sometimes be beneficial too. Read more.

The Crossover Episode

Study with us!

  • Final year student Mollie Ruler shares her favourite things about studying BSc Psychology with forensic psychology at Kent. Read more.

The Kardashian Mentality

  • Collective narcissism: Professor Cichocka, our political psychology lab lead, discusses her current research interests and background. Don’t miss out, listen now!