HSS at Pride Canterbury

Kent is proud to be a partner of Pride Canterbury each year, celebrating the diversity of our varied communities of human sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. So we’re especially proud to be represented by PhD student Kirsty Gravestock who will be presenting her recent work around attitudes and behaviours towards LGBTQ+ individuals.

This year at Pride Canterbury (Saturday 11 June), Kent will be showcasing some of the LGBTQIA+ research taking place at the University. Academic staff and postgraduate research students submitted work exploring LGBTQIA+ themes and impacts upon these wonderful and diverse communities, which will be presented on the day.

Kirsty Gravestock, PhD candidate will be representing the School with a Live Q n A about her recent study, Testing the limits of the Parasocial Contact Hypothesis: Does watching Sex Education predict attitudes and behaviours to support equality and challenge injustice for sexual minorities?

‘The study was assessing the relationship between parasocial contact (so indirect contact via media) with LGBQTQ+ characters on attitudes and behaviours towards LGBTQ+ individuals.’  Gravestock explains. ‘Specifically examining cross-sectionally whether parasocial contact with LGBQ characters in the TV show ‘Sex Education‘ predicts heterosexual undergraduate students’ attitudes and bystander behaviours to challenge injustice towards sexual minorities.’

She also collaborated recently on a blog with Dr Lindsay Cameron on the series ‘Heartstopper‘.  They plan workshops in local schools this year to help them run research projects, one of which will be LGBTQ+ themed, looking at the two series.

Those interested can learn more about Gravestock’s work can meet her at Dane John Gardens, at 12:30 on June 11th