Psychology Annual Lecture: Neural and cognitive mechanisms of face-to-face social interaction

  "philip-myrtorp-4MA1YfyPrWA-unsplash" by Philip Myrtorp.

Staff, students and applicants are invited to attend the 2022 Psychology Annual Lecture. Our speaker is Professor Antonia Hamilton, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of London.

Antonia HamiltonProfessor Hamilton is a world-leading scientist in the study of human social interaction at UCL’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Lecture abstract: Face-to-face interaction is central to our communication and social relationships but traditional cognitive research has not explored the mechanisms that support this behaviour.  This talk will examine how and why we should study face-to-face interaction.  I will share examples of how behaviour changes as we move from solo to interactive contexts in terms of eye gaze, imitation and brain activity patterns.  I will describe how new methods allow us to capture aspects of natural interactions and the type of theories we may need to make sense of these rich dynamic datasets.

Read more about Antonia’s work here.

Keynes Lecture Theatre 1 followed by a reception in Keynes Atrium.
Monday, 6 June from 4-5 PM.
To attend online use this Teams link. Please join by 4 pm – it may not be possible to admit late joiners.