De-Stress with the Psychology Society

By Clara, Psychology Society Secretary

The Psychology Society is hosting a De-Stress Creative Session on Wednesday 21 April from 5pm!

In collaboration with the UKC Therapeutic Arts Society and Millennials’ Breaking Barriers the de-stress creative session will include activities such as the following

  • Myth-busting quiz on stress
  • Mindfulness drawing activity
  • Origami frog making
  • Self check-in: write and rip

But what is a Self check-in: write and rip you may ask?

Well, the activity allows one to let go of something negative to make room for something positive. It involves writing on a piece of paper something one would like to let go of (‘checking-in’ with oneself) to then, after taking a deep exhalation, rip the piece of paper at least three times and, with another deep breath, toss the ripped paper into a recycling can.

This activity helps to let go of stress and negativity and allows us to be in control of our emotions. We believe this, with the other activities, is a great way to de-stress, especially in between deadlines and exams.

“We hope you can join us as we get creative and de-stress from studying whilst at the same time raising awareness to de-stress!” – Psych Soc.

Make sure you have your A4 paper, coloured pens or pencils and scissors ready and join us on Teams from 5pm