Kent Alumni Showcase a World of Opportunities to Current Psychology Students

On Wednesday 10 March 2021, the Psychology Society hosted a careers event for all students which saw Kent alumni discuss their current careers and experiences of volunteering. Psychology student, Yunhe Chen writes about the event.

Kent Psychology alumni working in different professional fields shared their employment experiences with current students at the University of Kent and detailed different career pathways within psychology.

“Courses they took was very different at the start, The Kent alumni all had different backgrounds and had taken different psychology programmes from Clinical Psychology to Political Psychology. Each with a different story to tell.”

“The event was a great opportunity for me to understand the different career paths”.

Sport and Exercise Psychology graduate, Alexandria Olton was an international student and has since gone on to start her own company. Sodimu Sarah who graduated in 2020 shared her experience of securing a graduate job in the pandemic and Kyle Sherry, who graduated in Occupational Psychology currently works in the civil service doing research.

“Most importantly, the advice given has left a lasting impression. We should all have a plan, but also be open to any opportunity. Especially for those of us who are still studying, the opportunities available at university are precious and we should all take those!”

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