Our Research Experience Scheme is an exciting opportunity for Stage 2 students.     

Students using psychology lab equipment (tDCS).

The Research Experience Scheme (RES) gives opportunities for Stage 2 students to join members of the School of Psychology to work on ongoing research projects. Working together with a member of the School’s research staff sucessful applicants will be involved in research activities such as planning a study, writing a scoping review, media research, literature reviews on a specific topic, creating a webinar on a research topic, collecting data, joining lab meetings, writing blogs, helping to organise and run events. Current student Dawn Chai has described taking part in the RES as being “the highlight of my course”.


The project is intended for students in their second year and the time commitment is approximately four hours per week throughout the term (however, this may vary across projects). The Research Experience Scheme will allow you to get involved in ongoing projects, often working as a team with fellow students, to gain insight into how we psychological research is conducted. Participation in the scheme is for the Spring term.  


The RES provides an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the life of a researcher, participate in day-to-day laboratory-activities (e.g., virtual lab meetings) and have one-on-one meetings with the member of staff you are working with and discuss their research. As RES students get a chance to establish a work relationship with a member of staff and an opportunity to establish common research interests, participation in the scheme can be beneficial for the allocation to a final year project supervisor at Stage 3. Participation in the scheme will also look great on your CV.  


In order to apply to the scheme please click on the link below on step 1. There you can find a list of all the available projects and the corresponding staff member that is in charge of each specific project There is a very short application procedure for each project you want to apply for. Please apply for no more than 4 projects. Note that the deadline is Sunday 24th January.   


The RES will start on week 15.  




Step 1: here you can apply to one or more projects https://kentpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9BNiMPPfhM9qpJH (by end of week 13).  


Step 2: Members of staff will allocate you to one or more projects (week 14)  


Step 3: RES starts (week 15)  


More details can be found on the new moodle page we have created (Research Experience Scheme).  The page is still under construction, so new information will be added shortly. In the meantime, you can refer to the Employability Pages of Moodle (DP9091). Dr Luigi Tamè is the RES Lead. 


(Note that due to the covid-19 outbreaks this term we won’t be able to provide laboratory experience. This year we have 23 projects available working with 18 members of academic staff.)