Challenge Yourself : The Answers!

Want to know the answers to our Inside Politics newspaper challenges? Find out below!

Crossword Challenge:




4. French Political Protestors:

A: Gilets jaunes

5. Political procedure to delay decision:

A: Filibuster

6. US Political Party :

A: Republicans

9. President of the European Commission:

A: Jean-Claude Juncker

10. UK Treasury cat:

A: Gladstone




1. EU Headquarters:

A: Brussels

2. Leaving Europe:

A: Brexit

3. Russian revolutionary, politician and theorist:

A: Vladimir Lenin

7. Welsh political party:

A: Plaid Cymru

8. Russian President:

A: Putin


Politics Quiz:


1. USA President anagram:Johns mates offer

A: Thomas Jefferson

2. In which country was the world’s first female Prime Minister elected in 1960?

A: Sri Lanka

3. Who was the youngest man to be British Prime Minister, holding the post at only 24?

A: William Pit

4. Who is the General Scretary of the Communist Party of China?

A: Xi Jinping

5. Who was the British MP born in New York City?

A: Boris Johnson

6. Mount Rushmore depicts which four U.S Presidents?

A: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln

7. Che Guevara was born in which country?

A: Argentina

8. Conservative MP anagram: Hart Attach Merger

A: Margaret Thatcher

9. Socrates was tried, convicted and sentenced to death for charges on impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens. Under which form of government was Socrates condemned?

A: Democracy

10. Who was chairman of the Conservative Party for 27 seconds in 2018?

A: Chris Grayling