Revision Inspiration

Whether you study Politics or not, check out a sample of articles and works from our academics and students for some revision inspiration!

UK and US Politics


Professor Feargal Cochrane, ‘What’s going to happen with Brexit now?’

Professor Matthew Goodwin, ‘Few Signs of Change in British Attitudes’.

Dr Andrew Wroe has recently published a new book on ‘The Ordinary Presidency of Donald J Trump’.

PhD student Jack Bridgewater on ‘The UK needs a new electoral system, not a new political party.’


Conflict Analysis and International Relations


Dr Toni Haastrup and Dr Nadine Ansorg, ‘Gender and the EU’s Support for Security Sector Reform in Fragile Contexts’.

Dr Harmonie Toros, ‘”9/11 is alive and well” or how critical terrorism studies has sustained the 9/11 narrative’.

Dr Andrea Den Boer and Dr Ingvild Bode, ‘Gendering Security: Connecting Theory and Practice’.

Check out the Conflict Analysis Research Centre blog for profiles and essays.


Political Theory


Dr Iain MacKenzie, ‘Political Ideologies: an Introduction’.

Dr Stefan Rossbach, ‘Gandhi: Portraits of Integrity’.

Dr Luca Mavelli, ‘The Refugee Crisis and Religion’.

Dr Charles Devellennes, ‘A Dialectic Atheology – Understanding the Past, Present and Future of Atheism’.


A little something extra


Prefer listening rather than reading? Check out this Q-Step podcast, ‘How to Win Arguments with Numbers’.

Dr Sean Molloy, ‘Kant’s International Relations: The Political Theology of Perpetual Peace’.