Where to Study on Campus

Find the perfect study space on campus for you.

Looking for a place to work outside of the Library? There are plenty of study spaces across the campus to choose from. Here are a few you might not have found yet:


History and Politics Common Room


If you’re looking for a space for group study, or a place to debate the weekly Open Forum topics, then head to the History and Politics Common Room. You can find it on the second floor, just around the corner from the dining hall. It’s a dedicated space for students studying History or Politics.


Rutherford Junior Common Room


This is another excellent space for group study and discussions, and is located next to the History and Politics Common Room.


Eliot Study Hub


There’s something for everyone in the Eliot Study Hub. There are PCs for individual work and group study booths complete with screens for quiet group work. Find it on the first floor of Eliot College.


Park Wood Student Hub


The study spaces in the new Student Hub are perfect for anyone living in Parkwood- from PC rooms for writing up those essays, to informal study spaces for group discussions.



If you’re looking for a free PC on campus, check out the Study Hubs page, for live updates on PC availability across campus.