Keep Calm and Choose Politics: From Clearing to Westminster

Politics and International Relations graduate Rosie Jackson started her journey at Kent through clearing, and has begun her political career as a Parliamentary Assistant to a Member of Parliament.

Rosie was drawn to study at Kent by the beautiful campus and surrounding area, but choosing what she was going to study wasn’t quite so easy. She answers some questions about applying through clearing for us.

How did you come to apply through Clearing? Kent was my insurance choice, but I had realised I didn’t want to study Law, and so after looking around I found Politics and International Relations at Kent. I struggled with choosing between Law and Politics, and had good advice from the clearing staff. I realised where my passions lay and that I would likely be much happier in the Politics department. I found it very easy to change courses and apply for the new course and got good advice from staff.

How was the university’s accommodation process? Really easy! I was assigned Eliot, and then, when I asked to move, I found a place in Tyler Court.

When you arrived at Kent, were you treated any differently because you had applied through Clearing? Not at all. People don’t know unless you tell them, and nobody cares that you went through clearing. You’re starting uni and a whole new chapter of your life- everyone’s too focused with getting on and settling in to care about how you got there.

Are there any particular modules or courses within your program that you have found particularly engaging or valuable?
‘Engendering Politics: Feminist Contributions to Political Theory’ was one of my favourite modules. Absolutely fantastic teaching and reading list, and you can tell that the lecturer, Dr Iain MacKenzie, absolutely loves the subject. I think the lecturers and staff at Kent are uniquely fantastic. They are passionate, knowledgeable, and diverse in their experiences and expertise.

Rosie in her role as Chair of Kent Labour Students.

How would you describe the academic resources and support available to students at Kent?
Fantastic. I had a real personal crisis at the beginning of third year, which I received incredible and empathetic support for.

Did you take up any research opportunities or internships available to students at the university? The WorkStudy scheme is excellent! It helped me to gain work experience days and often advertises research opportunities.

How have extracurricular activities, contributed to your overall experience at Kent? I was Chair of Kent Labour Students, and so was heavily involved with a political society. However, it wasn’t just politics and debating- I made very real and close friends at KLS that will stay with me for a lifetime. We had a lot of fun, as well!

How would you describe the sense of community among your course students at the university? I think there is a real sense of community in seminars. I would still recommend joining extracurriculars, as I think your experience isn’t the same without them, but 3 of my closest friends were made from chatting in seminars.

If you could give one bit of advice to someone about to go through Clearing, what would it be? Please, please, don’t panic. It will be okay and you will get to where you’re meant to be. You’re about to have the three best years of your life, and when you’re at the end of your degree, like me, you won’t believe you ever could have considered studying anywhere else.