Event: When Is It Time To Break The Rules?

During this panel event with some of our world leading researchers, we hope to provoke discussion around protest, dissident voices, strikes, terrorism, activism, frustration.

From Iran to Just Stop Oil. When is resistance justified? When is protest a legitimate thing to do? 

Inspired by our recent visit from the Iconic Collective of Putin Protesters Pussy Riot, Head of School Dr Nadine Ansorg poses this question to the viewer at the start of this Riot Days film.

Filmed ‘as live’ in the Gulbenkian Arts Centre on campus, in front of an audience of sixth-form students, A level teachers and current POLIR students, we will take questions from the floor, answered by a panel of our own experts.

Drawing on the A level curriculum themes of anarchism, ecologism, feminism, multiculturalism, and nationalism, we’ll also provide a springboard into our course curriculum and questions around law and morality, negotiation and human rights.

We welcome your questions from the floor to our panellists:

Dr Ben Turner

Dr Kuziwakwashe Zigomo

Dr Adrian Pabst


Dr Nadine Ansorg

Chaired by Dr Richard Whitman

We are really looking forward to your questions.

Refreshments 12-1 pm

Panel Recording 1-2 pm

Thursday 25th May 2023

Gulbenkian Arts Centre

If you’re a school please register for tickets here. 

For all other tickets register for this FREE event here