October News RoundUp

OCT round-ups (1)

And breathe… We have the inside scoops from party conference, critical research on social security and the UN, and a running commentary of Sunak’s Everest-like climb. All in this month’s Roundup (all correct at the time of ‘going to press’ but we reserve the right to update every five minutes).

Only Two More Prime-Ministers To Go til Christmas..

  • Professor Matt Goodwin has been pretty busy commentating on the fast changing U.K. political landscape this month. He appeared on BBC Newsnight twice in one week, speaking on the conditions that made the Liz Truss government untenable. Watch here.
  • Then how will Prime Minister Rishi Sunak succeed where his predecessor Liz Truss failed? Matt Goodwin has been pretty busy commentating on the ever-changing U.K. political landscape in the Daily Mail, London Post, and The Economist podcast. All here.
  • Days before the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s abrupt departure, student Benjamin Van Broeckhuijsen wrote about the mini-budget, and its effects for graduates and young people in Inquire. Read here.
  • How did Dr Andy Wroe‘s ‘Making Sense of Politics’ students take the news that Liz Truss resigned? Take a look!

Which Party throws the Best Party?

  • Being a Labour Party Delegate: What was it really like inside the conference? Student Meg Payne tells all.
  • A student inside the Conservative Party Conference 2022. Read here.

This is not a Moment, this is a Movement.

Xi Jinping is now unrivalled

  • Jamie Gruffydd-Jones examines why Chinese leaders are so determined to prevent United Nations’ scrutiny in his new book and why non-western voices are key to addressing human rights. Read here.

The Crossover Episode

A look ahead

  • The School of Politics and The PolIR Society present feature length documentary ‘Manifesto’ at the Templeman Lecture Theatre. We’ll see you there.
  • Dr Yogi Hendlin joins for Centre for Critical Thought from Erasmus University Rotterdam for our November research seminar: What can Climate Litigation learn from Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement? Read more.