September News RoundUp

We welcomed new students and Russian Art-Performance Putin-Opposing collective Pussy Riot. Relish the anarchy in this September RoundUp.

SEP round-ups

With a new monarch and a new Prime-Minister over the last month alone in the UK, it’s really been blink-and-you’ll-have-to-completely-re-write-the-syllabus times around here. But having welcomed a new cohort of students with a Pussy Riot Masterclass in Activism, we’re ready for the very dynamic academic year ahead.

“You can do your own riots, you can make your own change”

  • Pussy Riot, the Russian Art-Performance Putin-Opposing collective, kicked off our school year kicked off with some riotous energy with their immersive show ‘Riot Days’ here on campus. Read more.

Is this Lady for turning?

  • “I can’t think in my lifetime of any British prime minister who has mismanaged her first few weeks in office like Liz Truss.” Professor Matt Goodwin doesn’t take any prisoners in the New York Times.

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Welcome Week 2022

  • Right now the Political landscape turns in a moment! Are you ready for an academic syllabus that is going to be as fast-paced as current political events? Buckle up!

Calling Occupants of International Craft

  • Mark Millar publishes his first title, Hostile Forces: How the Chinese Communist Party Resists International Pressure on Human Rights, based on research conducted while studying for his MRes here at Kent. Read about it here.
  • This new publication by Jamie Gruffydd-Jones has important policy implications for international pressure that is most likely to engender backlash, illustrating how support for nationalist policies might grow in spite of a presence of a liberal international system. Read about it here.

We celebrate our First Inter-Disciplinary HSS Research

  • The Royal Society awarded Dr David Roberts (conservation biologist) an Apex Award for his project ‘A transdisciplinary approach to inferring the end of political violence’. David will explore the application of extinction models from conservation in a political violence context with Dr Harmonie Toros (political scientist), and Professor Rachel McCrea (statistician). Read here.