Coming through clearing: an unimagined path

Tamika Adamson hadn't planned to take the degree she just graduated with, but has gained much more than she had ever envisioned.

When I first applied to the University of Kent, I intended to do Law. Unfortunately, when I received my A-level results back in 2019, I didn’t do as well as expected. On results day I was very panicked, my heart dropped as I checked my UCAS application and saw that I was going through clearing. From that point on I started looking for alternative degrees that I’d also have an interest in. The two other degrees I was interested in were Criminology and Politics.

I decided to act fast and download various clearing apps and saw that the University of Kent still had some spaces available for both Politics and Criminology. As soon as I applied through clearing the University got back to me and offered me a place the same day. It was just up to me to choose which degree I was most interested in. In the end, I decided to do Politics and started that same year.

Later on, my degree changed again as I did quite well in my data analytics module in Year 2, I was offered to do Politics and International Relations with Quantitative Research. This I found was such a great opportunity, as Covid had hit that same year, forcing things online. So, improving my data analysis skills was a big plus, especially in terms of job opportunities. In the near future I shall complete the TEFL or CELTA course to teach abroad and work on my linguistic skills. After that I hope to get into journalism and possibly production of some sort.

This year, I graduated with a 2:1 in Politics and International Relations with Quantitative Research. And although I have taken a much different path than I’d previously anticipated. There have been many successes along the way. For instance, alongside my studies, I managed to work for both Kent Union and the University of Kent. Thus, acquiring experience alongside my degree. Showing that although my path wasn’t exactly as imagined, there was so much that I gained from it.

My main advice for anyone receiving results this summer, is not to worry, stay calm and be open to as many avenues as possible.

Tamika Adamson has just graduated with a degree in Politics and International Relations with Quantitive Research, BA (Hons).