Cyber needs to learn from security studies to avoid past pitfalls

The difference between security and resilience is a political one! Kent’s Cyber Security team take part in this inspirational conversation for Oxford University’s ‘Proving the Negative’ podcast.

Dr Harmonie Toros and Matthew Boakes, PhD candidate, took part in a Cyber Security Oxford podcast on responsibility and power in cyber security.

The Proving the Negative podcast seeks to draw on expert opinions from colleagues and industry leaders as part of an initial 6 episode run covering topics such as Risk and Ethical Design.

‘Security is the State’s responsibility and a company’s responsibility, to make sure the people are secure. Resilience is the person’s responsibility. There is a shift in responsibility that happens here. These are important questions because they have important legal and political implications in the lives of ordinary people.’ Dr Harmonie Toros

This episode was recorded at the National Cyber Security Centre’s annual conference for Accredited Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR). Kent is one of the UK’s 19 ACE-CSRs.

Listen here.