June News RoundUp

Elections, No-Confidence Votes, Activism, Rail Strikes and Rebel Tactics, there is no no shortage of tumultuous global events to keep our students and academics busy.

International affairs

  • As an International student studying International Relations with International Law, Maureen Bungei had diversity and a multicultural experience at the top of her list when choosing where to study. She blogs here!
  • What would it be like to debate on world problems at the United Nations? Student Halle Breed tells us about joining Model United Nations.

Politics at Home

  • ‘The unions didn’t cause our summer of discontent’ Dr Philip Cunliffe on the three days of National Train strikes. Read here.
  • Boris Johnson survived the no-confidence vote. Can he cling on to power? Professor Matthew Goodwin discussed the implications for the PM himself, the by-elections, and what this means for the Conservative Party as a whole. Watch here.

And Abroad

Taking Action

  • At the end of 2021 people across Canterbury came together to ‘reclaim these streets’. Politics and History student Meg Payne was one of the organisers. She blogs about the campaign here.

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