What gets a conflict analyst get out of bed in the morning?

Yaniv Voller is a Senior Lecturer here, specialising in Politics and Security in the Middle East and North Africa. He’s also the current Module Convenor for the Terrorism and Political Violence Module. We asked him some questions about his work, his motivations, and the University of Kent.

What gets a conflict analyst get out of bed in the morning?

Mainly my kids waking me up early. Otherwise, it’s the fact that I do for a living something that I love, namely researching and teaching about politics, people and societies. There’s something new every day, and I get to follow these developments for a living.

Why did you choose to work at Kent University?

Kent has given me the opportunity to focus in my teaching and research on my specialism, which is politics and security in the Middle East and North Africa. The School of Politics and IR has a long tradition and reputation, so I was, and still am, grateful for this opportunity.

What are some examples of roles that graduates have gone onto taking up?

Graduates have gone on to find jobs in many different fields. Some have chosen to use their education and pursue careers in the private sector. But others have joined government departments, including the FCDO, Department of International Trade and more. And others have gone to work in the media, NGOs, or international organisations.

What new developments are there in this discipline that interest you?

Mainly the use of new technologies for data gathering. I am still keen on going to the field and studying the societies and countries that I am interested in more closely. But it’s still fascinating to see how much data we have nowadays right at the tips of our fingers

What is the most pressing issue at this time for researchers in your field?

Just like any other field, our field is very much influenced by current trends in the real world. For some time, there was a great fascination with cyber warfare. However, it could be that the Russia-Ukraine War may lead to a renewed interest in more conventional warfare.

What would you say your most important achievement in your subject is?

Being able to make new generations of students interested in the study of conflict in general, and the Middle East in particular.

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