Outsourcing at Dover and the evasion of British labour law.

  Unsplash : "niklas-weiss-4xG7n4HCwaU-unsplash (2)" by Niklas Weiss .

Recent graduate Daniel Esson publishes piece about how Shipping Giants Are Paying Below Minimum Wage, Daniel Esson writes in Jacobin on the Kent Coast.

Alumnus Daniel Esson, currently an MA journalism student at Kent, and an alumnus of the school of Pol&IR, has had a piece about industrial strife and politics at the port of Dover published in the American left-wing magazine Jacobin.

Just 25 miles across the English Channel from France, Dover is one of Europe’s most important ports. Yet massive outsourcing has allowed shipping giants to evade British labor law, putting passengers in the hands of underpaid, overworked agency staff.

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