Who do we trust?

  Unsplash : "kelly-sikkema-WIYtZU3PxsI-unsplash" by Kelly Sikkema .

Dr Ben Seyd awarded British Academy funding for research project on people’s trust in COVID-19 information sources in the U.K. and U.S.

A project led by Dr Ben Seyd has been awarded £100,000 by the British Academy to conduct research on people’s trust in sources of information on COVID-19. The project explores people’s attitudes in the UK and US, and is being conducted with research teams at Southampton and Michigan State universities.The project will explore how and why people trust in different information sources, and how far the levels and determinants of trust are shaped by individuals’ location in particular communities and socio-economic groups. Project findings will generate valuable lessons for policy-makers in both countries, and at local and national levels, identifying ways to develop more effective and equitable information provision strategies and thus to generate social resilience for future health crises.Discover more about the project and the other projects funded under the British Academy initiative here.