Battlefields of the Future, a hybrid conference at Kent.

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This hybrid conference “Battlefields of the Future” takes place at the University of Kent on the 6th of November, organised by students from the Canterbury and Brussels campuses. 

Aiming to enhance students’ knowledge and ability to reflect on current debates around international security, conflicts of the future, and possible conflict solving mechanisms.

Conference Organisers, Lucas Steinbach, Vanda Proskova, Irtifa Zaman, and Victor Timinello want to take the opportunity ‘to bring academic in-person events back to life to connect the students with academics and professionals from multiple fields, and further launch fruitful and inspiring conversations and partnerships.’

‘We would like to give both the experts and students from our campuses and beyond the chance to present their research and experience in different thematic panels, where they can have lively debates. Furthermore, we want to use this opportunity to build stronger ties between the UK and the Brussels campuses and foster cooperation between the communities in both cities. Students from both campuses will join the conference to bring their expertise into the discussions.’ 

Discussing the thematic areas of Cyber space at 9am till 11am, with

Professor Shujun Li Director of the Institute of Cyber Security for Society, and special interest in interdisciplinary research covering cyber security and privacy, human factors, digital forensics and cybercrime, and social media analytics,

Dr Gareth Mott, operational leader at the Institute of Cyber Security for Society, and researcher in the areas of critical terrorism studies, with a focus on peer-to-peer technologies, and governance architectures of 21st century communicative technologies,

Arthur DuforestMember of the Peace and Security Division with the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and special interest in emerging technologies, disruptive technologies, cybersecurity, existential risk, big data, and automation.

Then geopolitics and sustainability at 1pm till 3pm, with

Dr. Yaniv Voller, lecturer at the University of Kent, has a more than 20 years of expertise in the area of geopolitics in the SWANA region, foreign policies of Middle Eastern politics, separatism, and liberation movements, as well as civil uprisings,

Alyn WareCoordinator of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation, and Disarmamentand campaigner in the areas of peace, non-violence, nuclear abolition, international law, human rights (including gender and children’s rights) and the environment,

Dr. Kuzi Zigomo, lecturer at the University of Kent, and research specialist with a focus on the construct of leadership with a regional expertise in Sub-Sahara African countries, and special interests in migration, religion, citizenship, gender, and peacebuilding.


Followed by an online and in person socialising and networking event with an opportunity to further discuss the topics and get to know fellow students and researchers.


Registration is required so please follow the event webpages on Facebook and LinkedIn


We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on November 6. 


Conference Organizers

Lucas Steinbach, Vanda Proskova, Irtifa Zaman, and Victor Timinello