A PhD-led platform to communicate interdisciplinary research!

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Kent’s Centre for World Affairs (KCWA) aims to connecting disciplines within the Human and Social Sciences Division.

Kent’s Centre for World Affairs (KCWA) is a platform which aims to provide a space for early career researchers to get their research out into the world. To start conversations across various disciplines, often interconnected and have wide concern.

‘The motivation behind KCWA is to encourage a dialogue between interdisciplinary research.’ co-founder Giulia Grillo told us ‘We aim to provide stepping stones for early career researchers to kickstart their academic career.
Besides providing a platform for various ideas, we are currently looking for roles to be filled. We are looking for individuals who are especially interested in editing blogs and hosting or editing podcasts.’

‘KCWA aims to provide a space for all topics – from war and conflict, to the market, to global climate change, to the cells in our bodies. It is often hard for early career researchers to get their work out into the world. KCWA makes this easier. Need to get your idea out but it is still too early for a journal article? Need to talk about something in more depth? We provide you with the space to do so through our various outlets.’

‘This initiative seeks to make our research easily accessible to a wider audience. Moreover, being PhD-led, it also intends to be an open and supportive space for PhDs to contribute and share their knowledge.’ co-founder Anna-Marie-Louise Tiessen explained. ‘We are just getting started and we are excited to have you on board!’

KCWA wants to start a conversation, with the aim of disseminating our research using various channels:
• website: hosting sections with longer (e.g. essays and reports) or shorter (blogs and commentaries) forms of writing;
• podcast and other public events;
• follow KWCA on Twitter and Instagram. 

Call for collaborators
If interested – whether it is in actively participating in KCWA (a plus for your CV) or writing or talking about your ideas – please contact us via email: kcwa@kent.ac.uk