The Future of Afghanistan

Reader in International Conflict Analysis, Harmonie Toros took part in two recent radio programmes -BBC Radio Wales and Radio 5, discussing the future of Afghanistan, discussing ISIS-K and the potential terror threat, along with President Biden’s decision to withdraw the military from Afghanistan.

During the BBC Radio 5 interview, Dr Harmonie Toros commented regarding the Prime Minister’s speech on the UK Government’s position on the future of Afghanistan.

“Well, I think the question is what the Prime Minister means by becoming a vacuum for terrorists. In his statement today, he was very clear that he sees ISIS-K as a threat to the country but not the Taliban.’

On the contrary, he said that the Taliban have to deal with the ISIS-K and hinted at the UK supporting the Taliban in doing so.

The question then becomes Does the UK see Afghanistan as safer if it is entirely controlled by the Taliban. It’s interesting to see even the UK is hinting at the possibility of working with the Taliban on Counter-Terrorism then on the other side, to a certain degree threatening the Taliban if they do not uphold certain obligations on human rights.”

You can listen to the two clips in full below!


BBC Radio Wales 

BBC Radio 5