Postliberal Politics – An event to mark the publication of Professor Adrian Pabst’s latest book.

Post Liberal Politics

To mark the publication of his latest book – Postliberal Politics – Professor Adrian Pabst, Professor of Politics and Deputy Director for Social and Political Economy at NIESR, will be in conversation with Jason Cowley, editor of the New Statesman, at an exclusive event hosted by (NIESR).

In his book Adrian argues that the alternative to failed ideologies is post-liberalism – a public political philosophy that combines greater economic justice with more social stability and ecological balance. This is the new political battleground: whoever can offer a consistent programme that fuses economically radical and socially moderate policies will be the dominant force in politics.

This event will examine this idea, exploring the shape of contemporary politics and questioning whether we’re seeing a fundamental realignment of politics or a mere tactical repositioning. How can we conceptualise what is going on when illiberal liberalism, techno-populism and the right’s turn towards the big state are just some of the paradoxical phenomena?


Thursday 8th July, 5-6.15pm, register here.