Eid at Kent

Muslim students at Kent celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr

Kent students have been celebrating Eid, costumes, food and henna.

After a month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr on Thursday 13th May (or the 14th, depending on the moon sighting, it’s a whole thing). This is the third Eid festival during the pandemic. This year has been particularly difficult for those who continue to be separated from loved ones or who may have lost them to Covid-19, the impact of the pandemic on their countries of origin to the recent events in Palestine which has disturbed many Muslims worldwide.

We asked Muslim students at Kent to send in their pics of their Eid celebration and comment on why Eid is important to them.

“Growing up in India, Eid meant national holiday to us, we celebrated it at school just like other festivals! After moving to the UK, we didn’t have that day off school anymore but instead seviyan kheer at my friend’s’ house celebrating Eid!” – Tapasya Bhandari, Economics degree student.

“It’s a time to celebrate the most important month of the year with all your loved ones which is what makes it great. That time of year where everyone gathers, dresses well, eats well, kinda like a wedding but we’re all getting married . . . to no one!”Sabri Khelil, Politics degree student.

“I’ve always preferred Eid-ul-Fitr, despite it being the ‘lesser Eid’. It represents a new beginning for me, a chance to continue the good habits of praying and being conscious. It’s great to celebrate the end of what tends to be a very spiritual month for Muslims with delicious food, great company and feeling more spiritually content than one month ago.” – Eliza Islam, Politics degree student.

“Eid is a time where everyone is full of happiness, I get to spend quality time with family, have good food and celebrate the end of Ramadan.” – Romeesa Ibrahim, Psychology degree student.

Goher Fatima, a PhD candidate in Economics shared a picture of her three ‘dolls’ in their beautiful costumes “It was lovely to see the Eid wishes on our school page.”
Thanks to the following for sharing their photos with us:
  • Eliza Islam
  • Sabri Khelil
  • Yasmin Ali
  • Afrenish Pervez
  • Goher Fatima
  • Romeesa Ibrahim
  • Ibrahim A Jamiu