Dismantling Racism Within our Reach

Creating opportunties for considered debate with students and staff at the school to create a diverse and equitable learning environment.

The School of Politics and International Relations states unequivocally its opposition to all forms of discrimination, including racism. We recognise that racism is present throughout society, from households to institutions, including our own School community. As a School, we seek to identify, disrupt, and dismantle racism within our reach, by fostering awareness in our teaching of the complex nature of discriminatory practices and systems; by creating opportunities for considered debate and discussions with students and staff; and assisting the wider University in making Kent an inclusive, diverse, and equitable institution.


With this excerpt in mind, from our Statement on Racism and Discrimination we held another of our open forums on anti-racism within the school this month, for staff and students to attend.


“We had a good discussion about questions of race and gender representation.” Head of School Dr Nadine Ansorg told us “One student commented on the School’s statement suggesting that we should try and link it more to this School specifically -what makes the School special, what specific responsibility we have as a Politics school and Politics students to combat discrimination.”


The discussion also touched on ideas around academic freedom, and where to draw the line, the staff hiring process – how we can change the very homogenous staff body and how our Advisor meetings can function as important way of addressing the attainment gap.”


Next, we plan to hold focus groups to explore these issues in greater depth. Anyone wanting to take part in further discussions about the School’s approach to race and reducing the awarding gap should please get in touch with Andrea den Boer at poliredi@kent.ac.uk.