Professor Elena Korosteleva Interviewed by Jon Snow

On 8 February 2021, Professor Elena Korosteleva was interviewed by Jon Snow on a 6pm ITN Channel 4 News to speak about the continued protests in Belarus.

Six months on since the fraudulent presidential election of 9 August 2020, the protests have now acquired a new format – more localised, neighbourhood based (supol’nast’), mobilising local people, getting to know the neighbours, and coming together, to make change sustainable and future – more tangible, through resilience-building.

Professor Korosteleva reflected this in her interview, drawing on her work with Dr Petrova about the rise of ‘peoplehood’ in Belarus and wider Eurasia, as part of the GCRF COMPASS project.

Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) tweeted:

“There is a great hope that with the Biden administration… there will be change.” New leadership in the U.S. has given Belarusians hope of regime change in their own country, says University of Kent’s Professor Elena Korosteleva.

Watch the full interview