Dr Rubrick Biegon discusses key US election issues on the Eastern Arc Podcast series

Elections are, by their very nature, divisive and confrontational. However, the forthcoming US presidential election, due to take place on 3 November, is shaping up to be one of the toughest, angriest, and most hard-fought of recent years.

As we await the Presidential Debate 2020, Eastern Arc have released 3 podcasts in which Royce Carroll, Rubrick Biegon and Emma Long discuss key issues for the elections, their historical context & possible strategies.

  • Episode 9: looks at the underlying issues which will inform the election, including coronavirus and civil unrest, as well as some more surprising concerns that voters have.
  • Episode 10: looks at the history that has shaped the current system, including the electoral college and issues of faith.
  • Episode 11: looks at the differing strategies that may be used by both parties.