Professor Korosteleva interviewed by BBC Radio 4 and Channel 4 on presidential election in Belarus

Monday 10 August 2020


The recent civil unrest following the controversial Presidential election in the Republic of Belarus has made international headlines. University of Kent Professor of International Politics, Elena Korosteleva, a leading specialist in the European neighbourhood affairs has been active, commenting in the international media. Professor Korosteleva, who leads the £4million COMPASS Project, appeared on BBC News, Al Jazeera, BBC Radio 4 and Channel 4 News in just a matter of hours. Professor Korosteleva’s work, supported by the UK government through the Global Challenges Research Fund has established ‘regional hubs of excellence’ at the top-level universities in Eastern Neighbourhood and Central Asia to enable them to become research partners for the UK in the post-Brexit world.


You can hear/watch the interviews here:


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