Announcement of the forthcoming monograph Korosteleva, E. and T. Flockhart (eds, 2020) Resilience in EU and international institutions (Routledge)


The COMPASS project is delighted to announce the above forthcoming monograph to be released by Routledge in November, 2020.

The monograph is based on the Special Issue published in the journal of Contemporary Security Policy, with some exciting new chapters as well as updates from the editors – Profs. Korosteleva (Kent) and Flockhart (SDU). It will feature the following publications: for more information please visit here.


Introduction: Resilience in EU and international institutions: Redefining local ownership in a new global governance agenda, Elena Korosteleva & Trine Flockhart

PART I. Conceptual debates 

Chapter 1: Resilience and the role of the European Union in the world, Nathalie Tocci

Chapter 2: Security through societal resilience: Contemporary challenges in the Anthropocene, David Chandler

Chapter 3: Reclaiming resilience back: A local turn in EU external governance, Elena Korosteleva


PART II. Empirical debates

Chapter 4: Resilience is “always more” than our practices: Limits, critiques, and scepticism about international intervention, Pol Bargues

Chapter 5: A promise not fulfilled: The (non) implementation of the resilience turn in EU peacebuilding, Jonathan Joseph & Ana Juncos

Chapter 6: Under the guise of resilience: The EU approach to migration and forced displacement in Jordan and Lebanon, Rosanne Anholt & Giulia Sinatti

Chapter 7: From principle to practice? The resilience-local ownership nexus in the EU Eastern Partnership Policy, Irina Petrova & Laure Delcour


PART III. Theoretical debates

Chapter 8: Is this the end? Resilience, ontological security, and the crisis of the liberal international order, Trine Flockhart

Chapter 9: Russia, rivalry and resilience: Liberal order in crisis and international society in flux, Zachary Paikin

Chapter 10: Countering precarity: social resilience through the political economy of trust, Albena Azmanova


Conclusion: European vulnerability and the policy dilemmas of resilience in times of coronavirus, Pol Bargues