Announcement of the Special Issue ‘Russia between East and West and the future of the Eurasian order’

International Politics, Advanced online publication August 2020, full issue 57(6) December 2020


The COMPASS project is delighted to announce the above forthcoming publication under the editorship of Prof. Elena Korosteleva and Dr. Zachary Paikin.

The publication is a result of the workshop organised at the LSE IDEAS in December 2018, supported by the GCRF COMPASS & H2020 UPTAKE projects, both led by Professor Korosteleva at Kent. It will feature the following articles:


  • Korosteleva, E. & Z. Paikin ‘Russia between East and West, and the future of Eurasian order’. Advanced online publication. 6 July.



  • Sakwa, R. ‘Greater Russia: Is Moscow out to subvert the west?’. Advanced online publication. 6 July.



  • Lukin, A. ‘The Russia-China entente and its future’, Advanced online publication. 13 June.



  • Haukkala, H. ‘Nonpolar Europe? Examining the causes and drivers behind the decline of ordering agents in Europe’. Advanced online publication


  • Paikin, Z. ‘Through think and thin: Russia, China and the future of Eurasian International Society’, Advanced online publication.


  • Korosteleva, E. & I. Petrova ‘From “the global” to “the local”: the future of “cooperative orders” in Central Eurasia in times of complexity. Advanced online publication.


  • Nitoiu, C. & F. Pasatoiu ‘Resilience and the world order: the EU and the RIC states’. Advanced online publication.


  • Pieper, M. ‘The linchpin of Eurasia: Kazakhtsan and the Eurasian economic union between Russia’s defensive regionalism and China’s Silk Roads’, Advanced online publication. 11 May.



  • Valiyev, A. and S. Bilalova ‘A Battle for transportation routes in the Russian neighbourhood: Is there a place for small states?’, Advanced online publication. 2 May.