Building Resilience Workshop

As a School, we recognise the importance of building resilience, not only as part of the student journey, but as a graduate attribute in the workplace. Working in partnership with the Kent Union, the University has identified Resilience as one of several graduate attributes that appeal to top employers (for the full list of attributes, please see here).

With this in mind the University provides our students with opportunities to develop their skills and attributes throughout their time here- whether it be engaging with Kent Union societies, joining sports teams, volunteering, attending careers events or workshops.

The School of Politics and International Relations was pleased to offer our students (from all stages) the opportunity earlier this term to attend an interactive session on ‘Building Resilience’ led by our Student Support Manager, Sara Witchell.

The session focused on using Emotional Intelligence- self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills- to be more self-aware and able to manage emotions. The sessions also looked at ways to maintain mental wellbeing, through practicing mindfulness, time management, relaxation and social interaction.

A full version of the presentation can be found here.