Professor Adrian Pabst’s new book, “The Story of Our Country”

Professor Adrian Pabst launches his new book, ‘Story of Our Country: Labor’s Vision for Australia’, at several talks and book launches in Australia.

A new book authored by Adrian Pabst, Professor in Politics at the University of Kent, argues that to gain and retain power, Australia’s Labor Party needs to build coalitions between its traditional working-class base and middle-class voters. He explains that Labor can achieve this by deploying its distinctive strength to tackle the most critical issues facing Australia: inequality, precarious jobs, the care crisis, climate change, and emerging foreign powers.

The book, entitled ‘Story Of Our Country: Labor’s Vision for Australia’, was launched by Australian Labor Senator, Kim Carr who commented that “this book will provoke some arguments and, I hope, much thought in Labor circles”.

‘Story Of Our Country: Labor’s Vision for Australia’ by Professor Adrian Pabst is available from Connor Court Publishing in September 2019. More information here.