1st NORTIA Network Conference, 6-8 June 2018, Barcelona – call for papers


NORTIA stands for Network on Research and Teaching in EU Foreign Affairs. It is an Erasmus+ network, encompassing ten institutions (including the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent), led by Dr. Heidi Maurer and Dr. Gergana Noutcheva (Maastricht University) for a period of three years from 2017 to 2020.

Call for papers & contributions to our 1st NORTIA Network Conference, 6-8 June, Barcelona

Research Workshop: A Re-nationalisation and De-Europeanisation of EU foreign policy?

In recent years, a more nationalistic and populist rhetoric has left its mark on national politics in Europe. This first NORTIA research symposium takes stock of how the changing domestic political climate within and among EU member states impacts on the EU´s foreign policy identity. Can we empirically observe a return to national foreign policy in various countries? And, if so, do those dynamics resemble a de-Europeanisation of different mechanisms? How does the implementation of the EU global strategy from June 2016 fit into those trends, which so far has been assessed as being more goal-orientated and interest-driven and rooted in partly addressing the EU’s own existential crisis. We are welcoming paper proposals by 30 April; please send to Prof. Ben Tonra: ben.tonra@ucd.ie