Global Europe Centre – Student Internationalisation Forum Working Paper March 2018

Over the past year students from the School of Politics and IR have participated in several activities in the framework of Internationalisation at Kent. With generous funding from the Internationalisation Fund and SPIR, a group of students traveled to Belarus and Moldova; and together with exchange students from the Belarusian State University we organised a number of events in the UK. This Student Internationalisation Working Paper, edited by Hannah Clemett and Nicole Berglund, bundles their essays on these activities. The paper includes pieces on the educational visits to Belarus and Moldova; timely analyses on cooperation between the UK and Belarus as well as on Moldova’s foreign policy and the Transnistrian conflict; it presents the findings of a research on different media perceptions at Kent and BSU; and shows how people-to-people contacts such as student exchanges can enhance our understanding of one another.

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