Don’t miss your chance to complete the National Student Survey!

The National Student Survey (NSS) is now open for completion by final year students!

The NSS provides you with an opportunity to give your honest opinions on what they liked about their time on their course. This feedback provides us with a picture of what your learning experience has been like and we are able to use the results to identify areas of strength and weakness. This information can be used to help effect changes designed to improve the student experience for both current and prospective students.

All eligible students who complete the NSS by Monday 12 February can claim a £10 Amazon voucher and the School is holding a cash prize draw for our students.

The draw kicked off last week with Kim Fineron winning the first £100 draw and Kumba Krubally winning the first £50 draw.

Kim Fineron receives her £100 from Student Experience Manager, Siobhan Dumphy

There’s still time to be included in the draw, with three more opportunities to win £50, once entered into the draw you will remain in it (unless you win) so the sooner you complete, the higher your chances of winning!

If the School meets its target of 75% of students completing the NSS there will be a final £100 draw on March 27th.

To enter our prize draw:

  • forward your NSS survey completion confirmation email to before 5pm each Monday

To claim your £10 Amazon voucher:

  • complete the survey before Monday 12 February 2018 and forward your NSS survey completion confirmation email to