Prof Korosteleva awarded nearly £3 million for COMPASS project

Worth a total of £225 million, the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is supporting projects in developing countries over the next four years.

Professor Elena Korosteleva, Director (Professional Studies) of the Global Europe Centre has been awarded nearly £3 million for The COMPASS project which aims to open up communication with academics in former Soviet states of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan by setting up hubs of excellence in research in these countries.

She and her research partner, Professor Siddharth Saxena from Cambridge, say this is a research initiative to empower the target countries in research, impact governance and public policy outreach. COMPASS will enable a sea change in the UK’s strategic relationship with the region.

The University of Kent and their Co-Investigators, Cambridge Central Asia Forum (Jesus College) and the Centre for Development Studies, University of Cambridge, have years of experience in collaborating with the region in supporting their research.

It is hoped that building these links will also foster other types of cooperation – economic, political and diplomatic.

For more information on Professor Korosteleva’s research project click here.