Geographic Information Systems (GIS) For Social Data and Crisis Mapping Workshop, 19-21 September 2016

 A workshop entitled Geographic Information Systems (GIS) For Social Data and Crisis Mapping is taking place on 19-21 September 2016. It is funded by the South East DTC (part of the ESRC). The workshop is aimed at PhD students (with preference to ESRC students, particularly members of the South East DTC).


This 3-day workshop will be focused on the use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for the analysis and mapping of social crisis data in an interdisciplinary context. This workshop is suitable for participations with no prior experience with GIS, and is designed to give the participants the best set of skills for the work they need to do. GIS is relevant for a range of research areas, including and not limited to: conflict analysis, crime and terrorism mapping, social unrest mapping e.g. riots, epidemiology, archaeology, urban planning, conservation, and migration. This workshop will provide participants with a range of transferable GIS skills which will allow them to understand complex spatial data, explore spatial data, use and apply GIS in various ways, and create a range of visualisations to present this data. This course will cover the introduction to QGIS software, mapping techniques, location geocoding, geoprocessing of spatial data, exploratory spatial data analysis, and visualisation. This workshop will use open source QGIS software ( available for all platforms (Mac/Windows/Linux) which participants will install on their own computers. The workshop with work with a various political data sets.


For more information on the workshop please see sedtc-gis-workshop-kent or contact the workshop co-ordinators – Luke Abbs ( & Gwen Wordingham (