EU referendum seminar on EU’s Political Economy, 22 March 2016, 4-7pm, House of Lords

In association with the James Madison Trust for the study of federal systems, The School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent is convening a series of seminars on the EU referendum ahead of the vote on 23 June.

The first seminar will be on the EU’s Political Economy. It will take place on Tuesday 22 March, 4-7pm in Committee Room G, House of Lords, including a drinks reception.

​Please find attached copy of the invitation and programme. Access to Comm​ittee Room G is via Black Rod’s Garden entrance (see map).

There will be some fantastic experts and leading politicians from across the political spectrum who take different positions on whether to remain or to leave, including ​Baroness Sharon Bowles (Liberal Democrat), Lord Maurice Glasman (Labour), Mark Field MP (Conservative) [tbc]​, Dr Julie Smith (Cambridge).

We will debate the economic pros and cons of Britain’s EU membership, but also the emerging  economic governance of the EU and relations between euro- and non-euro members.

Please contact Dr Adrian Pabst if you would like to attend or complete the registration via this eventbrite link