The Exchange Workshop – Friday 4 December 2015 at 4-6pm

The Exchange Workshop

Friday 4 December 2015, week 10, 4-6pm, venue: Cornwallis North West seminar room 2

This workshop will be a participatory exchange event that will encourage an open discussion on the theme of Exchange. This event is being organised in view of developing the links with Tate established through the MA in Political Theory and Practices of Resistance at the Univiersity of Kent. This workshop will give students (and anyone and everyone who is interested) time to discuss the different definitions of exchange, its politics and how exchanges can take place. What is the most important exchange? What are the conditions of such an exchange? How can such an exchange be enacted? What possibilities of difference can such an exchange incite? This workshop is organised by, and will be led by, Dr Iain MacKenzie, Dr Charles Devellennes and PhD student Hollie Mackenzie in an open discussion and feedback format. During the workshop, we will participate in a collaborative practice of exchange. Materials will be provided.