Conflict Research Society Conference, 14-15 September 2015

Grimond building, University of Kent

The Conflict Research Society’s 2015 Conference will take place at the University of Kent on 14-15 September. The conference marks the 100th anniversary of CRS co-founder John Burton’s birth, and the conference is an opportunity to explore John Burton’s legacy and to discuss the latest developments in peace and conflict research and practice.

Plenary events:

The plenary sessions will include presentations by:

Scott Gates
(Research Professor, Former Director of the Centre
for the Study of Civil War, PRIO, Norway)

Kevin Clements
(Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Otago University, New
Zealand and Director of the New Zealand National Centre for
Peace and Conflict Studies)

Kathleen Cunningham
(Assistant Professor, University of Maryland;
Winner of the CRS Book of the Year Prize
‘The Politics of Self-Determination Groups’)


Panels will include:

John Burton Centenary
(Chair: John Groom, University of Kent)

Migration and Conflict
(Feargal Cochrane, University of Kent)

Practitioners Panel
(We welcome practising mediators, facilitators, people
working on conflict issues in NGOs to participate.)

Values, World Society and Modelling
(Gordon Burt, Conflict Research Society)

For more details on the conference please visit the Conflict Research Society website.

Conference programme