Prof Korosteleva joins GLOBSEC International Advisory Board

Professor Korosteleva has been invited to join the GLOBSEC International Advisory Board (IAB) as part of the Central European Strategy Council. The IAB is an honorary representative body composed of distinguished leaders, policy makers, former and current members of government, renowned thinkers and journalists, as well as representatives of the business sector. Its aim is to provide the Council with leadership, strategic guidance and insight in pursuing its core mission and goals.

The first meeting of the IAB took place in Bratislava, and coincided with the 10th anniversary of the Global Security Forum. It hosted over 1000 participants, including top-ranking government officials, academics, media and leading think tanks representatives. This year the forum was addressed by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Slovak President Andrej Kiska.

As part of the agenda, GLOBSEC also runs the Young Leaders Forum, which invited 20 successful applicants from across Europe and beyond. For the first time, our own PhD student, Igor Merheim-Eyre, was invited to join the debate.


Professor Elena Korosteleva
Professor Elena Korosteleva
Igor Merheim-Eyre and Carl Bildt
Politics and International Relations PhD candidate, Igor Merheim-Eyre, talks with former Swedish Prime Minister, Carl Bildt, at the GLOBSEC Forum