REGAP network workshop ‘Rethinking EU Governance in the EaP Region’ – 16 January 2015

The Global Europe Centre will be hosting a workshop to be held on Friday 16 January 2015, 10.30-18.30 in the Ghandi room, Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS), Brussels, Belgium. The workshop is entitled ‘Rethinking EU Governance in the EaP Region: for compatible and secure future’

Workshop summary
The REGAP ‘Rethinking EU Governance in the EaP Region: for compatible and secure future’ research network sets to critically evaluate and rethink the EU governance approach to the contested eastern neighbourhood, in order to develop more sustainable – that is, more effective, legitimate and compatible – forms of EU cooperation with the eastern region, and its main power contestants. The purpose of this workshop is (I) to consolidate and expand the existing network of researchers, coming from Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, UK, and the EaP region; and (ii) to discuss and advance conceptual and methodological frameworks for applying EU governance to practice.
The workshop assembles a specialist team of world-leading researchers from politics, international relations, sociology, economics, legal and cultural studies who have enjoyed a successful track-record of collaboration specifically on the EU/ East European and Eurasian issues, and who have pioneered one of the first comprehensive appraisal studies for the ENP/Eastern Partnership Initiative (EaP) comparatively (2008-11), by way of synergising the EU and partner-countries’ perspectives. The network also prides itself on having deep and complementary knowledge of the ENP/EaP policy-priority areas, and exclusive expertise in the impact-generating activities.

This workshop is for invited participants only.