School of Politics and IR wins funding for Diplomacy Project

We are delighted to announce that the School of Politics and International Relations have been successful in securing one of the University’s ten Beacon projects marking the 50th anniversary of the University. The project is titled, ‘Diplomacy @ Kent: The Programme for European Diplomacy’ and will run until the end of 2015. The School will receive £80K from the University for the project and aims to make Kent a Beacon in Europe for the understanding of the practice of diplomacy. The Beacon project establishes the University at the centre of a set of linkages, using our European campuses and strategic partners, to position the University as the hub for activities focusing on the contemporary practice of diplomacy in Europe and beyond. The ambition is to create the Programme for European Diplomacy at the University which delivers prestigious public events, academic research and enquiry and practitioner user engagement. The Programme establishes external reputation as the platform for the University upon which to build teaching, CPD and consultancy activities as the European Diplomacy University.

More information will follow, but for alumni interested in participating in events related to this project, please email