Professor Elena Korosteleva comments on the situation in Ukraine on BBC News live on 4 March 2014

In her interview with BBC News Professor Korosteleva commented on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. She said that ‘the international community need to step up its efforts in finding diplomatic solutions to the unfolding military stand-off in the Crimea. If not resolved the consequences would be severe not only for the autonomous region of Crimea, which is home to 35 per cent of ethnic Ukrainians and Tartar, and which still holds memories of deportation and mass killings of the Tartar population. It also leaves Ukraine vulnerable, unstable and exposed to the external threats to its independence and territorial integrity. It sets a gloomy precedent for the former Soviet space, and especially to Trandsnitria, Gagauzia in Moldova, as well as Abkhazia and Ossetia in Georgia. However, most of all, it is a challenge to the integrity and credibility of the international community, to see whether the interests of transnational corporations could be disentangled from the pledges given to the people of Ukraine.’

The interview can be watched in full here.

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